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**LIKE & SUBSCRIBE** OK, here is the twins present opening / gift haul video showing what they got for their 8th birthday, but mom opens up with a poem she wrote, and it’s kind of funny, as it was too long to memorize, so the twins Annie & Allie, who were eagerly awaiting opening their 8 year old presents, had to wait and listen, and I think they were pretty patient, but Allie was funny in parts, although I didn’t see her till making this video / vlog, but what will the twins get? Do they seem happy with what they received?

I do tend to go overboard on gifts and holidays in general. I grew up with parents who had money, so we had lots of gifts but no love, and my husband had the opposite – they are lucky enough to get belief love and the best possible gifts, I try hard to give them, although we struggle, and I go flat broke after a holiday, especially with You Tube paying us out so little in recent months… it’s not even close to worth the work any longer, but it’s not the kids’ fault, so I try and do what I would always do, and get them a lot to open, I know it’s exciting, as I am a kid at heart still too, and it’s just what I was always used to, but they get lucky enough to have the love and beyond, which is soooo much more important than any amount of gifts could ever be, that’s just how I am with everybody in my family. And even those who don’t deserve it because they are barely in our lives and don’t reciprocate with gifts, I just always wanna make people smile and happy to a fault. That is me. They don’t have any real family, like blood cousins, their only grandma is broke, my mom and dad are very cheap now with the grandkids, so they get little, sometimes nothing there, not even their attention ( a shame) and no aunts, uncles (only 1 that gives them a card.. he can’t afford gifts since his heart attack and part-time hours) and just some people who have these big families and get lots of stuff from them, but they don’t, so I try and make up for it as much as possible. Funny what different upbringings me and my hubby had, but the love he got outweighed any amount of gifts. I’d have swapped with him in a heartbeat for the happy, loving family. ALWAYS APPRECIATE YOUR PARENTS KIDS!! It can always be worse, believe me, I know. I’d switch places with my hub in a second.. just places (family wise) I mean, but I wouldn’t wanna be a boy, LOL. They don’t ask for much, I just do it, so no spoiled comments. They are very appreciative and I LOVE to see them smile!!! If you are loved, always know how very lucky you are, as some of us didn’t grow up as lucky :(. Knowing you have family that cares so much about you.. that is the greatest gift you could EVER imagine. Believe me, I know the opposite and how that feels, and hurts to this day :(. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIDDOS!

We had a little fan send them a gift and somebody sent a card, so they will give a shout-out or shout-outs depending on whom the card was from, the same person or different, and HUGE THANKS!! I apologize for my email not loading properly for a week now. I’m sure I missed a lot, but I know that child was excited for the girls to get their gift from her, and I was conversing with the mom. My computer is going out on me, and so I am having email troubles and problems loading web pages, hence my issues getting videos up quicker, which I apologize for. I’m broke right now and can’t get a new PC, so I am doing my best to free up space, but just know, I will reply as soon as I can, and that they will have opened up your gift in the next video :).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE & ALLIE!!! We love you so much!!! My kids will always be my greatest accomplishments!! I thank God for them all!

The Possibles


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